On a mission of discovery, down in Ecuador

May. 24, 2013 @ 08:49 PM


A total of five local Baptist churches formed a 10-member mission team to send down to Ecuador back in January. The team returned from its vision/discovery mission Jan. 10.

The group, accompanied by International Mission Board missionaries Ruby and Fletcher Dickerson, went to ascertain the needs within three separate areas of the country for the purpose of establishing a partnership with these communities. Ultimately, the group hopes to foster Christianity in the locals by way of evangelism, discipleship training and church planting.

Flying into Quito, the country’s capital, the team took a bus through several towns and villages, including Baeza, Cosanga and San Francisco. Their activities at each stop mainly consisted of group devotions, prayer walking, conversing with the locals and spreading the Gospel to whomever was willing to listen.

The group arrived in Angamarca, 3-4 hours of the Pan American Highway, during Market Day. In preparation for the Carnival, an Ecuadorian custom of throwing water on everyone, the youth welcomed the group with a barrage of water balloons.

In El Corazon, residents discussed the presence of a small evangelical church there. During there stop in Ambato, the group visited the Mercado Mayorista of Ambato, a large produce market within the city. The refurbished Nate Saint House Museum awaited team members in the jungle town of Shell, where their mission trip drew to a close.

Team members are willing to visit local churches or organizations and give Power Point presentations about their trip. Call Cannon at (252) 492-2283 and leave a message.