Youth Christian Center holds two breakfasts, offers free car wash

Oct. 04, 2013 @ 10:21 PM



The Youth Christian Center led Brothers for Breakfast and Queens for Breakfast in the same location on Sept. 7.

This was the second breakfast for the men and the first for the ladies.

Volunteer speakers included Brothers Calvin Thompson and Larry Carroll and Queens Whitney Johnson, Kanika Turrentine and Carolyn Yancey.

There was a volunteer kitchen staff led by Quen Dorothy Williams.

A number of adults invited young people to the breakfast.

The YCC will hold a free car wash for widows and single ladies over 50 years of age from 9:30 to noon today. The event will take place at AutoZone, 200 Dabney Drive, Henderson. Those interested in participating with the YCC should call (252) 226-0141.