Animal stewardship, Sudoku subjects of Senior Circle meeting

Jun. 28, 2013 @ 09:16 PM


The Senior Circle met recently in the fellowship hall of Plank Chapel United Methodist Church. After Faye Woodlief, president, called the meeting to order, the Rev. Carolyn Roy gave a devotion revolving around animals in the Bible and the responsibility of stewardship.

Continuing the theme, Martha Rowland presented a program about animals and their importance in the lives of humans who care for them. After talking about the history of the domestication of animals, Rowland invited members to discuss the role pets and other animals played in their lives. Participants recounted stories of favorite family pets and farm animals.

Rowland also conducted a series of games related to animals designed for the purpose of entertaining and enhancing cognitive thinking skills. In addition, she shared information concerning websites where similar games could be found.

Conrad Hock concluded the program with a lesson on playing Sudoku. Hock used a large chart and distributed worksheets in order to demonstrate the basic techniques used to solve the number puzzles. Those new to Soduku left the meeting with a new understanding of the brain teaser.

After those who attended received gifts of either a fountain pen or letter opener, a light lunch was served before the meeting adjourned.