Tending to his flower year round, lest his memory withers

Jan. 04, 2013 @ 08:31 PM

“Then watch yourself, lest you forget the Lord who brought you from the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.”
— Deuteronomy 6:12

A couple of Sundays ago, the choir at Tally Ho was presenting our Christmas cantata. It is one of my favorite Sunday’s of the year, because I get to sit with the congregation and enjoy the service.

As the cantata was beginning to wind down, I started to think about the announcements and reminders that I had to make at the end of the worship service. It is something that I have always tried to do, so that in their hurry to leave, maybe the congregation will remember the events of the upcoming week.

This was the last Sunday before Christmas. Even though I had already announced it, I was going to remind everyone that if they purchased poinsettias in honor or memory of a loved to one to feel free to take them home and enjoy them on Christmas Day.

As the choir got down to the last few verses, I had all my announcements lined up in my mind, but I began to think more about those poinsettias. I feel like my family is like most people, somewhere between Dec. 26 and Jan. 1, that flower is going to end up in the trash.

One exception to that rule would have been my Grandma Greene. She had a closed in back porch and she could keep Christmas cactuses and poinsettias living year round. But she went to be with the Lord almost nine years ago. So even though we all enjoyed the poinsettias, most people really don’t have anywhere to keep them year round.

As the choir continued to sing, I began to wonder what else about Christmas do we treat that way?

Think about it, we box up the Nativity scene and stick it away in the attic. We often forget about greeting people in a merry and jolly way. People tend to shift from focusing on others and go back to thinking about ourselves. Sadly enough, the worst part of it all, so many people will forget about Jesus until next Christmas, or at least until Easter. Jesus isn’t just the Lord of Christmas, he is Lord of everyday!

Moses warns us about forgetting about the Lord. He reminds the people of what God did in bringing them out of 400 years of slavery and into the Promised Land. They were reminded to never forget how much God loved them and that he never forgot about them. Moses reminds the people that God was there during the Exodus and he would still be with them. He is telling the people to never take lightly the blessings of God.

The words of Moses ring just as true today. Oh, it is easy to remember Christ during the Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving seasons, but we cannot allow it to end there.

Go ahead, put the tree back in the box, take the wreaths off of the doors and put the wrapping paper back in the closet.

But don’t forget about Christ and serving him daily.