Give testimony to spread God's word

Dr. Alice Clark Sallins, House of Deliverance Ministries
Jan. 10, 2014 @ 06:32 PM

As you ponder in your mind the aspirations and dreams for the year 2014, I would like to share a testimony that will hopefully strengthen your walk this year. Reading the Word of God, compounded by life’s lessons I’ve experienced, gives me joy in sharing with others the hope that that they too can and will overcome obstacles!

Standing in line at the grocery store is always a good place to meet people. I said to a lady in front of me, “Happy New Year!” She responded with a smile and greeted me the same.

Then I said to her, “I have a spirit of expectancy that God is going to do something awesome for His people this year.” She responded, "I hope so!"

That got me to thinking: What I could say to help strengthen her faith? The scripture came to mind from Revelations 12:11a “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”

Applying the Word of God wisely to every situation we face is what God wants us to understand in the above scripture. In short, we have to believe it to apply it! It can be expressed this way: "And they overcame him by the WORD." Our testimony to others is a seed planted about the goodness of the Lord and will help their faith in God grow. When others either read your glorifying testimony or hear it, they will know that God can do anything but fail!

After the thought passed I began to tell how the Lord had healed me over the Christmas holiday. On Christmas Eve I told her how I awakened with a sore face and discovered the mole on my left side was enlarged and swollen underneath. I asked my sister to look at it. We both agreed that it was a change in appearance and the doctor should look at it. My thought was to attend the physician after Christmas.

That night something out of the ordinary happened. God had a Bishop to call my number and give me a Word and pray for my healing. I did not know him and he did not know me. The call reminded me of a testimony that Jesse Duplantis shared years ago. When he was in the islands, God gave his mother the telephone number to where he was at that time. God knows where we are at all times and He uses man to reach man. I received the blessing of healing that night.

The next morning when I awakened the pain that I felt before was no longer there and neither was the mole or the swelling. I praised God for the Christmas Miracle I had received! The only memory of the mole that I have is a picture that someone drew of me years ago.

I encourage you this year to read God’s Word, believe God’s Word, and share with others what God has brought you through so that they can also find the strength to go through life’s challenges.