VGCC Dean’s List

Apr. 07, 2014 @ 07:20 PM

Vance-Granville Community College recently announced its dean’s list for the 2013 fall semester. To qualify, a student must have maintained a 3.5 grade-point average with no grade lower than “B” while carrying at least 12 semester hours. Students making the list from the Tri-County area included:


Accounting — Lanasia M. Williams of Warrenton

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology — William C. Rogers of Henderson, Jonathan R. Moore of Oxford and Larry J. Collier Jr. of Warrenton

Associate Degree Nursing — Kathy M. Slaughter of Henderson, Alyssa M. Long of Kittrell, William R. Loyd Jr. of Norlina and Ruth J. Daniel of Oxford

Associate in Arts — Jennifer A. Burns, Adriana Chavarin, Wykila S. Chavis, Zori S. Ellis, Mallory P. Falkner, Stephanie Garcia, Wagd N. Hauter, Sarah G. Layton, Christina J. Marra, Cornisha S. Mitchell, Julleah A. Norton, Tammy P. Parrish, Adam K. Pulley, Brittany M. Williams and Amber Winstead, all of Henderson; Imani K. Burwell and Sadie Lee, both of Kittrell; Ryan H. Norwood and Angela N. Whitney, both of Norlina; Trevor D. Breedlove, Kirby R. Daniel, Gabrielle Johnson, Bronwen L. Mabe and Morgan G. McFalls, all of Oxford; and Chris D. Williamson of Warrenton

Associate in General Education-General Science — James D. Hinks of Henderson and Adam J. Gray of Kittrell

Associate in Science — Rebecca L. Anderson, Zachary T. Andrick, Kristen T. Cash, Vivian L. De Leon and Adrienne M. Robertson, all of Henderson; Ashley V. Hedrick of Kittrell; Adam F. Brame and Andrew B. Gill, both of Oxford; and Christopher F. Drake of Stovall

Business Administration — Jackie T. Easterling, Tracy R. Holland, Philip N. Layne Jr., Jonathan Ramirez-Perez and Shannon V. Satterwhite, all of Henderson; Matthew T. Currin, Jason D. Hester, Shannon M. Hester and Broguen McKeown, all of Oxford; and Brian J. Haynes of Warrenton

Carpentry — Joseph Richardson Jr. of Henderson

Computer Information Technology — Max N. Moore and John P. Sanford, both of Henderson; Ryan V. Neal of Norlina; and David F. Glover and Alisha M. Prevette, both of Oxford

Cosmetology — Robin G. Boyd, Stacie B. Currin, Melanie C. Green, Sonja L. Henderson and Lucero Reyes-Alegria, all of Henderson; Kiamesha V. Alston and Seana R. Faltz, both of Norlina; Shavonne D. Cheatham, Kelsey L. Edwards, Tecolia T. Hough, Justice C. Lyons, Amber M. Warren and Shekinah G. Yancey, all of Oxford; and Lalita S. Evans of Warrenton

Criminal Justice Technology — Joseph C. Brodie, Amanda M. Carroll, Christa L. Curl and Christopher E. Martin, all of Henderson; and Alan S. Daniel, Dylan K. McFalls, Tyler C. Parrott, Jay A. Reindl, Sylvia D. Terry, Mark A. West and Sandra K. Wilkins, all of Oxford

Culinary Arts — Maria M. Williams of Henderson; Matthew J. Hosier of Oxford; and Amanda S. Tillotson of Stovall

Early Childhood Education — Tyesha S. Lewis, Darricia L. Parker, Amy K. Stockinger and Carolyn F. Yancey, all of Henderson; Selena L. Bullock of Kittrell; Felicia D. Al-Nehmi, Elizabeth Velazquez-Gil and Lauren V. Watkins, all of Louisburg; Jesica Rivera of Oxford; and Raven T. Williams of Warrenton

Electrical/Electronics Technology — Leon Williams of Warrenton

Electrical Systems Technology — Larry C. Crudup and Cherie L. McBeth, both of Henderson

Electronics Engineering Technology — Amy M. Lamont of Henderson

Global Logistics Technology — James A. Jones and Charles E. Neal, both of Henderson; Mary T. Dutka-Chiplis of Norlina; and Lajean C. Bradsher of Oxford

Human Services Technology — Brenda A. Burton of Henderson and Anne H. Short of Norlina

Human Services Technology/Mental Health — Christopher L. Jones of Henderson

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse — Mindy R. Cash, Heather L. Clark, and Celeste S. Harris, all of Henderson; and Lauren N. Devore of Oxford

Information Systems Security — Ryshawn D. Hanks and Kelvin J. Lewis, all of Henderson; and Filip Cvrkic of Warrenton

Medical Office Administration — Samantha R. Davis, Leahann M. Faucette, Kristin R. Hicks, Shaun R. Hymon, Patricia M. Jeffcoat, Jessica W. Kearney, Cynthia D. Littlejohn, Jacqueline R. McGovern and Stephanie I. Ranes, all of Henderson; and Sara G. Belville, Jacqueline I. Davis, Taylor L. Jackson, Donnie P. Long and Kasey R. Lovings, all of Oxford

Office Administration — Alice A. Elliott and Janet W. Thorpe, both of Oxford

Office Administration/Legal — Margaret A. Cooper of Oxford

Paralegal Technology — Megan N. Finch of Louisburg

Pharmacy Technology — Victoria A. Burwell, Kristi M. Rowland and Jason B. Stevens, all of Oxford; and Kelsey G. Hale of Warrenton

Practical Nursing — Felicia L. Spruill of Warrenton

School-Age Education — Brandy W. Pendergrass of Henderson; Aqueria T. Hargrove of Kittrell; and Megan C. Sullivan of Oxford

Simulation and Game Development —Andrew B. Benedict and Justin W. Griffin, both of Henderson

Welding Technology — Jay W. Johnson, David M. Stokes Jr. and Johnathan C. Weaver, all of Henderson; Herman Davis of Norlina; and John-Paul L. Bresett and Benjamin A. Sanders, both of Oxford