Local dance students attend pair of regional competitions

Jun. 22, 2013 @ 07:56 PM


Angie’s Dance Academy returned from two recent regional dance competitions with several awards.

First, at the White Lightning Talent Competition held at Louisburg College, students took home the Lightning Strike Award for Contribution to Dance. In addition, earned the choreography award (Lightning Bolt Award) for School Days Junior Production.

A total of 11 students will vie for the Miss Talent USA this month and another 40 will participate in the National Dance Crew Performance.

As a group, the academy was presented a third Overall Senior Large Group, a First Overall Junior Duet and a High Gold Award, as well as numerous Gold Awards.

Next, at the Boogie Fever Dance Competition in Morehead City, earned the following top awards: the Choreography Award and two Star Performance Awards.

Highlighting the evening was the presentation of 10 first place Overall Awards to the school. In addition, groups and individuals took home, a third, a fourth, two fifths, a High Plantinum Award, five Platinum Awards and several High Gold ratings.